• Too bad these lawyers can’t be charged with attempted murder.

  • Too bad these lawyers can’t be charged with attempted murder.

    There were similar shenanigans going on a few years ago with a major tire recall (blowouts on SUVs if the tire pressure were low…?); some lawyers were aware of the situation and kept quiet so they could file more injury lawsuits based on the (supposedly) bad tires. At least they were less blatant than Parker, etc, and Becnel.

  • How about we file an injunction to keep NHTSA from acting in collusion with MADD and to get back to the job it was created for?

  • Some times ago there was a problem of ladies dying from toxic shock syndrome It was traced to super tampons. When Jim Lehrer asked the lady from the CDC what women should do. The lady said not to return the tampons as a separate trip to the store because the risk of a traffic death exceeded the risk from the Tampons. I did an estimation and found the CDC lady to be correct.

    Toyota has 16% market share of cars and there are 62 million registered cars. Let’s say 10 million cars. Assuming car dealers are 10 miles from their dealers, a recall would involve !0 million cars times 20 miles = 200 million miles. Traffic deaths occur 1,5 per 100 million miles. So we would expect 3 deaths from the recall. There were 19 pedal related deaths over a decade or 1.9 per year. Thus the recall would be more dangerous that doing nothing for one year.

    I shared my calculation with Ted Frank. He said the 1.5 deaths per 100 million miles was too high because it included motorcycles. I came accross a 1.2 figure someplace. Let’s use 1.0.

    Mr. frank also said he lived but a mile and a half from his Toyota dealer. My use of 10 was an estimate for the average owner. I doubt if people in Texas or Montana are very close to their dealers. Let’s stick with 10.

    Mr. frank also said that my 10 million car figure was too high. I have seen 2.4 to 4 million in the news. Let’s use 2.

    1.2/(100 million miles) times 20 miles times 2 million = .48 expected deaths. This is contrasted to 1.9 per year from the alleged defect.

    If one contrasts that to the 3,900 deaths from H1N1, we see hysteria. Further, unwanted acceleration occurred in my new Suzuki when my shoe hit my accelerator while I was breaking. I now make sure my foot is centered on the brake pedal.

    The money expended in this recall should be used for water and sewer lines in Haiti.

  • I’m still trying to figure out how the putative plaintiffs have standing. What is their claimed injury that waiting on the NHTSA to act (ignoring that they won’t/don’t) would alleviate in any way?