• And Heinz is the best mainline ketchup too. A shame. Despite what Heinz claims, it will be New Coke.

    Imagine the good publicity Heinz would have gotten if, rather than adulterating a near perfect condiment, they’d told Bloomberg to stuff it.

  • I expect they will produce a ‘low sodium’ version. They’ve issued bright purple and bright green ketchup. Maybe they’ll color code them.


  • Heinz “58” ?

    I’m with Patrick on this one in forseeing a “New Coke” style decline in market share. Has anyone noted if their competitor’s stocks are on the rise (who is the parent company of Hunt’s?)

  • This is still America isn’t it. If yes, then Mayor Bloomberg you (or any other of the food police nannies) is free to start your own food producing company. And if there really is a need/desire for low/no-salt food then you’ll make more billions. If not maybe you’ll lose your shirt and be delegated to the bin of has-beens. Until then mayor STFU, because you clearly don’t know the role of sodium chloride in the diet of humans or its effect or even the numbers it effects.

  • If they change their ketchup formula, I will never purchase a Heinz product again. I’m a ketchup nut – they’d better not dare.

  • I expect they will produce a ‘low sodium’ version.

    Nope–instead of letting consumers choose for themselves, it’s all going to be ‘low sodium’. I realize they’re doing it ‘voluntarily’ (sneer quotes) to avoid federal regulation, same reason Wendy’s stopped salting their fries when they’re hot and wet, but it does seem like extortion. “Nice bottom line you got there. Wouldn’t want to see anything happen to it….”

  • I switched from Heinz to Red Gold ketchup several years ago.

  • When ketchup (or is it catsup?) is outlawed, only outlaws will have ketchup (or catsup).

  • Heinz currently produces low/no sodium ketchup. As with most other low/no sodium food products, it is around 3 times the cost of the standard.

  • America’s federal system, 21st century edition: the mayor of New York has the constitutional authority to regulate the food products that people in Florida and Alaska eat.

  • ketchup (or catsup).

    It’s Cat Soup, as I always told my kids.

    The food Nazis are on the rise. Next thing, they’ll take out the cats.

  • They already have the cats, what do think is the main ingredients in catsup?

  • Why don’t we go back to the Old School version: Fish heads and brine.

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