• Some one else should always pay, regardless of the circumstances.


  • I say this. Let all of these stories be a lesson. No map maker can keep up with everything, and it is impossible for a GPS company to be 100% perfect. Plus there can be computer damage resulting in data corruption, etc.

    So if you are led astray by your GPS, tough. Its still your fault.

    But I am sure the legal system won’t see it that way.

  • Whenver I ask any of the driving direction providers for a route heading south from my house, I am invariably instructed to follow the street I live on to a nearby divided highway and turn left.

    Since there is no way to cross the highway at that intersection, turning left would create some problems.

    This problem arises from the simple fact that people do not pay attention when driving. I am a motorcyclist. A week when I am almost killed through the inattention of other drivers less than five times is a good week.

  • My Mother always asked me if Iwould jump off a cliff if all my friends were doing so…I guess the idea is that if you are using GPS – off you go!

  • Unfortunately it is impossible to make any system completely idiot proof. Before there were GPS systems there was this sketch by Bob Newhart called the driving instructor.

    Well, turn here on the street, right. It’s only about a block … turn right here. Well, now that was my fault again, you see. I meant the next street. Not this man’s lawn.

  • I have seen a police report in a case I worked on where the motorist drove around an island with a large “Right Turn Only” sign, and drove straight across a six lane road and T-boned an innocent driver, only to claim she was doing what the GPS told her to do! She had to have turned right onto the road, and then back left to proceed as she did. No fatalities, but permanent injuries to the innocent victim.

  • It’s called a navigation *aid* for a reason. Use it, wisely.

  • “I say this. Let all of these stories be a lesson.”

    People don’t want lessons. They want CASH, preferably very soon, even if it means calling that guy on TV that says he can get you your money quicker. “Why wait for a settlement?” Indeed.