Food roundup

  • Misguided USDA regs are shuttering much-admired (and safe) artisanal Denver salumeria [Baylen Linnekin]
  • “If you’re a woman and you’ve had an average of more than one drink a day, the [CDC] considers you a ‘heavy drinker.'” [Nicole Ciandella, CEI]
  • Admitting failure of idea, Denmark prepares to repeal pioneering “fat tax” [BBC] Katherine Pratt, “A Critique of Anti-Obesity Soda Taxes and Food Taxes Today in New Zealand” [TaxProf]
  • Less cooking from scratch, more empty calories because of new school lunch regs? [Lunch Tray]
  • Once we accept premise that our weight is government’s business, NYC soda ban will be just the start [Jacob Sullum] Does it go beyond legal authority of Gotham board of health? [same] Now it’s the D.C. council catching the ban-big-soft-drinks bug [WTOP]
  • Federal prosecutors’ ADA campaign vs. restaurants: not just NYC, Twin Cities too [Bagenstos, earlier]
  • Why is research and journalism on the public health aspects of nutrition so bad? [Linnekin] Speaking of which… [same] No one’s appointed Mark Bittman national food commissar, and aren’t we glad for that [Tyler Cowen] More on that [David Oliver, beginning a new series of posts on anti-food litigation]


  • “Once we accept premise that our weight is government’s business, NYC soda ban will be just the start ”

    I think we accepted that premise long ago. That acceptance occurred when we embraced – no, demanded – government financing of our medical care.

    Inevitably, in order to manage its outlays for medical care, the government began to intrude into personal habits that are known to be – or thought to be, supposed to be, or feared to be – responsible for conditions requiring medical treatment.

    The level of government intrusion will only grow.

  • Amen to questioning the “heavy drinker” classifications… health insurance companies do the same thing. For me it’s pretty much impossible to have ONE beer… that’s not even enough liquid to chase my dinner down. Or one glass of ice tea, or one diet soda. I just require a lot of liquid. But according to the authorities, I’m a lush.

  • […] Baylen Linnekin on Denmark’s planned repeal of a pioneering fat tax (earlier) and the rejection by voters in two California cities of soda taxes. […]