Food roundup

  • “What’re You In For?” “Lemonade.” A Boston professor wants sugary drinks handled the same way as alcohol [my new Cato post]
  • Hershey, many other firms sued over “slack fill” packaging by guy who wrote book entitled “Sue and Grow Rich” [John O’Brien, Legal NewsLine]
  • What if we forced food to be more local? The unintended consequences might surprise you [Jayson Lusk]
  • “Shaking up the Conventional Wisdom on Salt” [Michelle Minton, CEI, in January]
  • Demands in U.K. to put “junk food” in plain packaging the way some countries require for cigarettes [Trevor Little, World Trademark Review] Another demand of U.K. anti-food campaigners: stop discounting and offering deals on snacks and candies [BBC]
  • Missed from 2011: FDA vetoes culinary use of the subtle tonka bean, but is it actually any more toxic than nutmeg? [Ike DeLorenzo, The Atlantic]


  • Re: local food. ” . . . decision makers should adopt a systems approach to anticipate the consequences of industry wide or public policy initiatives to increase localization in the food industry.”
    Decision makers.
    As if the current system was cobbled together by a bunch of witless, mean-spirited, buck-toothed Jethros who don’t understand the business they’re in.

    Garcon, another plate of politics du jour. Avec fromage locale.

  • Per Ted F. on Twitter, re: the Hershey’s case: “Seems to have been paid off. Greenstein v. The Hershey Co., No. 17-cv-1152, Dkt. 26 (C.D. Cal. May 3, 2017)”

  • “A Boston professor wants sugary drinks handled the same way as alcohol”

    I just might go along with that – if the professor would just add anchovies and escargots to the list.

  • No,no not anchovies and escargot! Garlic and anchovy pasta is wonderful, while escargot is primarily a vehicle for transport of melted butter and bread from plate to palate.

    Both are good stuff.