SF supervisor seeks ban on delivery robots

Worries “that many delivery jobs would disappear” are cited among the reasons San Francisco Supervisor Norman Yee is sponsoring a ban on delivery robots in the city, prompting this response:

Commenters have several suggestions for Steps 4 and beyond, including (@railboss): “Complain there aren’t any decent restaurants anymore with reasonably priced food or that deliver.”


  • The fallacy of this is this “robots” were being developed long before the $15 minimum wage. Employers are using the MW as an excuse to decrease job cost.

  • Step 4: ban companies from laying off minimum wage employees
    Step 5: set minimum number of new hires per month depending on the gross income of the company owners + total company revenue (not profit).

  • “Employers are using the MW as an excuse to decrease job cost.”

    They shouldn’t need an excuse…

    • Yeah, Economics be hard.

  • I can’t wait for robots to prepare food in fast-food restaurants. What a boon for the company and the customers!