October 4 roundup


  • If we can give tax refunds to people who don’t pay taxes, surely we can pay for parking to people who don’t park. After all, we’re all equal, right? (I can’t wait for my NBA championship ring to come).

  • The city that I live in actually considered taxing businesses that provided private parking for its employees. The idea was to tax each space the same amount as the monthly rate it charged for parking. The idea was scrapped when the City’s largest employer said that it would re-locate if it passed.

  • So for employers that have separate mental health programs, are they going to have to pay unstressed, happy employees without need for that particular program? Etc, for the entire list of possible benefits that only apply to certain groups without being a “protected” group. đŸ˜€

  • Aren’t perks like free parking just a form of compensation?

    Will the geniuses in D.C. next consider mandating all employees receive the same compensation as their employer’s highest-compensated employee?

    This is bitter than a three-ring circus, innit?

    • Freudian bitter much?