Best of Overlawyered — February 2017


  • The reason pedestrians are not allowed at drive-up windows is safety. ADA cannot ever create perfect equivalence for the disabled. A deaf person will never get full access to a concert or a blind person to skiing. When a judge allows a suit that creates a catch-22 for a business, with potential liability, he is being short-sighted and pedantic.

  • And yet there are walk up ATM’s just like the drive thru ones… I don’t ski, but I have been known to drive a snowmobile… I’ve even managed to cross streets without getting killed or bleeding on anybody’s bumper. I even managed to work and raise a family including three now grown children. That makes me one of the 30% of blind folks with an actual job. What exactly are your qualifications for telling me of what I am capable of safely? And if it matters, both eyes removed, so you just plain do not get any more blind than I. I realize that there are limits, and that maybe the Macdonalds drive thru should be one of them, but what other than your personal belief is your qualification to make that sort of determination?