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Update: judge dismisses vision-impaired gamer’s suit against Sony

A California federal judge has dismissed Alexander Stern’s case against the Japanese entertainment company, ruling that online multiplayer games such as EverQuest, unlike bricks-and-mortar establishments, are not “places of public accommodation” under the Americans with Disabilities Act [OnPoint News, opinion in PDF courtesy OnPoint, earlier here and here] (& Darleen Click, Protein Wisdom)

January 18 roundup

“Subpoenas Target Rocker, Actress as Experts on Alienation”

An already odd binge of litigation has gotten yet odder: the California man who has sued Sony for kicking him off its PlayStation online network, and has sued Nintendo and Microsoft on other grounds, is now suing Activision Blizzard, publisher of the immensely popular online game World of Warcraft, which he accuses of maintaining a “harmful virtual environment” with “sneaky and deceitful practices.” He alleges that use of the game tends to bring on mental health problems, and — the best bit — says he intends to subpoena lyricist Martin Gore of the band Depeche Mode and Hollywood actress Winona Ryder as third party experts on alienation. [GameSpot via Ambrogi/Legal Blog Watch; earlier] Update: Estavillo is subpoenaing Bill Gates too [Seattle PI Microsoft blog]

Gamer appeals Sony dismissal, sues Nintendo and Microsoft

Updating our earlier item: a San Jose man has appealed a federal court’s dismissal of his suit against Sony for kicking him off the PlayStation network. He’s also suing Nintendo over its Wii update locking out certain unauthorized third-party software, and Microsoft over a “red ring of death” failure on his XBox. [Brendan Sinclair, GameSpot; & welcome Above the Law readers]