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April 20 roundup

March 26 roundup

  • Woman “discreetly” leaning over to use cellphone during movie says armrest smacked her on head, sues theater [Chicago Breaking News, Sun-Times] Plus: more links at ChicagoNow;
  • For a really cogent analysis of the effects of lawsuits over independent contractor classification, ask someone whose livelihood is at stake, like this Massachusetts stripper [Daily Caller]
  • Menaced by lawsuit, yanks a blog attacking a cancer therapist, then restores it [MWW]
  • Baby slings, cont’d: a CPSC recall, and already Sokolove and Lieff Cabraser are advertising [Stoll, more, earlier]
  • Law student’s suit demanding pass/fail grading in legal writing class results in “fail” [ABA Journal]
  • More details on new federal mandate for restaurant and vending machine calorie counts [update to earlier post]
  • “As suits pile up, plaintiff labeled ‘vexatious litigant'” [Virginian-Pilot]
  • Tweet a summary of your favorite Supreme Court case (& cc in comments below if you like) [Daniel Schwartz, hashtag #cbftech, what others have done]

Hiking the cost of home health care

The Labor Department may abolish the longstanding exemption of home health care aides from federal overtime pay requirements. The shift could greatly increase costs for providing agencies, and perhaps also have effects on quality, since agencies might decide to protect themselves by requiring more aides to clock out and go home at points when housebound patients could really benefit from their continued assistance [Weiner, Epstein Becker Green Prima Facie Law Blog]

December 23 roundup

  • AT&T sued for $1 billion for allegedly misclassifying managers [Hyman, American Lawyer]
  • Shaken-baby-syndrome angle deserved more attention in Baucus-girlfriend-for-U.S.-Attorney flap [Kos, Freeland, earlier]
  • Awful: “Holocaust Denier Sues Survivor” [South Florida Sun-Sentinel via Faces of Lawsuit Abuse “worst lawsuits of 2009” poll which you can take here]
  • Bizarre new twist in rogue Philly cop unit story [Balko, earlier here, here, etc.]
  • More on the first “Bruno” lawsuit against Sacha Baron Cohen [Lowering the Bar, earlier]
  • False accusation as academic career booster: “The Rot at Duke” [Stuart Taylor, Jr., National Journal]
  • Claim: Netflix recommendation algorithm contest exposed a subscriber’s privacy to her detriment [Singel, Wired]
  • No “Continuing Duty to Investigate Accuracy” of Newspaper Article Posted on Web Site [Volokh on Jenzabar case, earlier here and here]

November 6 roundup

  • Shop worker prevails in U.K.: no need to pay music royalty fees for singing while stacking shelves [BBC]
  • Word arrives that Eric Turkewitz has been named a New York Super Lawyer, but he manages to control his enthusiasm [New York Personal Injury]
  • In which a columnist criticizes a post-election Tweet of mine, labels me “socially liberal libertarian” [Carney, DC Examiner; Roger Simon, “The Strange Case of NY-23”]
  • Plaintiff’s lawyers may bag $28 million in Wal-Mart wage/hour class actions [ABA Journal]
  • Contestant’s million-dollar suit against California pageant ends abruptly after surfacing of too-racy-to-post video [TMZ; irony-fraught background at Brayton and Good As You]
  • News bulletin: lawyers shouldn’t trade on inside information [Cunningham, Concur Op]
  • Possession, not just wrongful use: “L.A. Halloween Silly String Ban” [Volokh]
  • Video of man who runs giant soda pop store in L.A., includes his thoughts on recycling law and the way regulation often works to big businesses’ advantage against small [Boing Boing]